TIB Contributor program

Points Distribution

  • On Publishing a Post – You will be awarded 50 points.
  • On Commenting on a Post – You will be awarded 1 Points.
  • On Gaining a Follower – You will be awarded 2 points.


Bonuses are mentioned below

  • Thief – Minimum 200 INR.
  • Bandit – Minimum 600 INR.
  • Pro Bandit – Minimum 1600 INR.
  • Real Bandit – Minimum 2800 INR.
  • The Indian Bandit – Minimum 4800 INR.


  • Your article gets 10000+ Views, you will be awarded 1000 Bonus Points.
  • Your article gets 50000+ Views, you will be awarded 5000 Bonus Points.
  • Your article gets 100000+ Views, you will be awarded 10000 Bonus Points.

Terms & Conditions

  • Verified Badge will be awarded to authors having 50+ posts on TIB.
  • There are no limitations on number of points you can earn.
  • Each point is equivalent to Rs.0.40.
  • Articles must be of 500 words.
  • Articles will be checked for plagiarism, if we found it plagiarised then article will be rejected.
  • Articles containing only images or videos will not be eligible for any points.
  • Whenever you reach to next level, you can claim your cash prize.
  • There is a criteria to claim cash prize, which is :
    1. Thief must have 5 articles published on TIB.
    2. Bandit must have 15 articles published on TIB.
    3. Pro Bandit must have 30 posts published on TIB.
    There is no criteria for Real Bandit and The Indian Bandit.

In case of any query, you can connect us at